Our Company

The DC Tech company (Design & Building Technology) was founded in February 2008 by Mr. Bonikos Dionysios. Main objective of the company is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions both at study and project construction level.

The company’s goal is the originality in design, functionality, aesthetics and construction quality in a wide range of projects such as houses, office buildings, hotels, stores, renovations, rebuilds etc.
The company’s philosophy is to satisfy the real needs of the customer by presenting alternative scenarios with sensitivity to the environmental and bioclimatic options at the lowest possible cost.
This is achieved by combining the basic principles of design such as the bioclimatic architecture with the continual search of new modern technologies and materials friendly to the environment. A key criterion in design is the sustainability of economic and technical aspects of the proposed solution in line with the principle of ‘optimum design’.


Bonikos Dionysios
Civil Engineering, CEO
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